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The Urdu Project began with an attempt to learn the Urdu language and its calligraphy, and eventually turned into an attempt to make a ‘film about Urdu.’ This idea of a “Film about Urdu’ and the subsequent research led to the realisation that a world of possibilities existed within and around the realm of the language.

One could explore Sufi thought and poetry, its music, the music of Bollywood, the Hindi film industry, the cultural renaissance of Delhi before the revolt of 1857, calligraphy and typesetting, the ideas of identity and religiosity, a syncretic Indian identity as well a more sectarian one, a war that began primarily because of language.

All of these lie within the realm of the idea of Urdu and all of this could not possibly be expressed in a single film, and an amateur film at that. This moved us to think of the film as the first in a larger project that needed not to be limited to the medium of film.

This larger project is The Urdu Project.

Aastha Gupta

Filmmaker, Visual Artist 

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Aastha Gupta studied film at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Her work tends to begin at the intersections


jonty paul

Filmmaker, Physicist

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Jonty Paul, while studying film and physics at the Fergusson College Pune, voraciously consumes all things science and culture in his free time


Visual Artist, Writer

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Prateek Shankar, a visual designer and writer, attended the Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University & loves to create in the spaces between disciplines.

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