This One's for the New Team

Work on The Urdu Project resumed five days ago (though it feels like its been a lot longer with the amount of ground we’ve covered). We have new additions to the team: Prateek Shankar and Jonty Paul. Prateek attended the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi, where he became disinterested in architecture, and went on to become a visual artist. Sugata ‘Jonty’ Paul is a student of Physics and Audio Visual Production at the Fergusson College in Pune.

It has been about 8 months since the recce for the film, which was really exciting. I went out to the Urdu Bazaar, which is located just South of the Jama Masjid in old Delhi. With Archana Chandrashekar on sound and Kiran Kadam on camera, we shot about 8 hours of footage over a period of five days. Here, we met a lot of very interesting characters, some of who will inevitably feature prominently in the film.

Yesterday, we started building a webpage (which is probably where you’re seeing this now). We realized that there were so many fantastic resources and references, people and ideas, that we had stumbled across in the months since beginning this film that we needed a space to share them. The blog I began months ago wasn’t quite enough, and of course, with the 8 month hiatus in the project, a fresh approach is wonderful. This is welcoming Jonty and Prateek to the Urdu project :)